About Brian

I’m a London-based Scotsman currently working for data capture app startup Akkroo as their Marketing & Product Champion. Never heard of that role before? Me neither. Think Pirate Metrics and you’re on the right path.

I’m interested in building successful software products, growth-focused marketing and Scrum.

I first became interested in the creation of products when I watched my previous employer blow almost £1m on a product that didn’t last 2 months before being pulled.

Good people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It was messy. It affected me in two ways: firstly, I learned that no amount of stellar marketing can rescue a bad product; secondly, I concluded that big budgets and ‘experience’ can still result in monumentally bad products, so with neither of those things, I figured I had better work out how to do things properly.

This is a simple blog where I share things that have helped me along the way to learning how to create and market successful products.

Why don’t you tag along for the ride?